Infant School Staff 

Headteacher: Mr. G. Anderson

Assistant Head:  Mrs. L. Parry

Reception 1 Teachers: Mrs. L. Parry a Miss J. Lemon 

Reception 2 Teachers: Mrs J. Clarke/Mrs. R. Morris and Mrs R. Lewis

Year 1 Teachers:  Mrs. H. Dawney and  Mrs. W. Murdoch

Year 2 Teachers: Mrs. N. Holcombe and Mrs. A. Gealy

Year 1 and 2 English: Mrs. T. Armstrong

Additional Learning Needs Co. : Mrs. E. Anderson

County System Leader / Advisor : Mrs. Ll. Jones


Support Staff 


Admin. Assistant: Mrs. A. Clement

 Teaching Assistants:

Mrs. N. Morgan

 Mrs. H. Sanders, Mrs. S. Lewis, Mr. Storer,  Miss N. Jones

 Miss N. Cartwright,  Mrs. L. Graves, Miss N. Thomas, Miss S. Lund

 Miss D. Allcard, Mrs Rh. Evans, Miss Ll. Roberts,

 Site Manager: Mr. S. Reynolds

 Dinner Clerical Assistant: Mrs. T. Thomas

 Kitchen Staff:

 Mrs. Jean Phillips (Head Cook), Mrs. L. Bassett 



Junior School Staff

Headteacher: Mr. G. Anderson

Assistant Heads: Mrs. Rh. Davies and Mrs. K. Evans

Year 3 Teachers: Mr. L. Richards Miss G. Davies

Year 4 Teachers: Mr. S. Davies and Miss L. Rees

Year 3 a 4E Teacher : Miss I. Mariani

Year  5 Teacher: Mr. S. Owen and Miss H. Walters

Year 4/5E Teacher: Mrs. L. Lewis

Year 5 a 6E Teacher: Mrs. K. Evans

Year 6C: Mrs. J. Bowen

County System Leader / Advisor : Mrs. Llinos Jones

 Support Staff

Admin. Assistant: Mrs. A. Clement

Teaching Assistant:

Mrs. T. Siddell,  Mrs. C. Williams, Mrs. C. Davies,

Mrs. Jane Edwards, Mrs. N. Hughes and Miss Manon James

Receptionist: Mrs. S. Sheen

Clerical Dinner Assistant: Mrs. L. Star

Kitchen Staff:

Mrs. C. John (Head Cook) , Mrs. M. Paskell and Mrs. L. Star